Life Observations From a Guy Turning 40

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It doesn’t matter who you are or how smart and worldly you think you are. You’re never going to know more about life than someone who has been around longer than you. Yeah, you might have different experiences to relate, but there are general truths that you just have to learn about once you get older and can look back on your life. Ryan O’Connell just turned 40, and he’s shared his 40 life observations so the younger generation can learn.

Here are some key ones to take note of.

·Of the jobs you’ve had, only one can be the favorite…don’t bother trying to top it or re-create it.

·Being in the streets after a championship is better than being at a championship parade.

·Always have sunglasses in your car.

·At least once, live by yourself and live with at least 3 or 4 people – but always try to get the biggest room.

·Guilty pleasures don’t exist – do what you love and own it.

·A BBQ and a sporting event are the only two places where eating a hot dog is acceptable.

·By 26, you should know how to tie a tie.

·Learn how to build a fire

·Going to a movie by yourself is liberating.

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Source: BroBible

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