Uber/Lyft Drivers eligible for a free flu shot through November

Middle Eastern female doctor giving shot to patient

As Joe likes to say "if it's free, it's for me!" Now through November 30th, Uber, Lyft or other Black Car service drivers across New York State can get a free flu shot at Rite Aid locations throughout the state.

Andrew Greenblatt, Executive Director of the IDG Benefits Fund, says the flu shot will not only help protect the nearly half-million New Yorkers that use ride sharing services every day statewide, it also protects the driver, many who transport more than a dozen riders per day. IDG Benefits Fund is a not-for-profit organization working to get benefits for America's growing independent workforce, sometimes called gig economy workers.

Drivers not already enrolled in the Driver Benefits program can call 1-855-979-1445 or go to https://driversbenefits.org/flu-shot_voucher to sign up and request the voucher for a free flu shot.

According to the CDC, last year 40 million Americans got sick with the flu.

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