Bus Passenger Clashes with Driver for Listening to Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh Gives A Speech In Michigan

The Steamship Authority in Martha's Vineyard, MA says it is closely reviewing a situation where a bus passenger complained about the driver playing Rush Limbaugh on the radio. A Martha's Vineyard woman posted on social media that she had a bad experience with a driver yesterday, telling him it was inappropriate to play the program while the host was criticizing people testifying at the impeachment hearings in Washington.

Beth O'Connor posted in part, "I just had a very bad experience with a Palmer Avenue bus driver. I told him it was inappropriate to play Rush Limbaugh radio trashing the people testifying at the impeachment hearings on a public bus with a captive audience and he got all worked up and called me a liberal and told me I was violating his First Amendment rights. It was downright scary. The guy directing the buses told him to back off."

A Steamship Authority spokesperson tells the Martha's Vineyard Times that drivers have been reminded of a "no politics" rule for radios on the bus.

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Photo: Getty Images

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