New Bail Reform Law Frees Albany Man Accused of Killing Woman

An Albany man who is facing manslaughter charges in the death of 29-year-old Nicole Jennings in July 2019 has been set free without bail under the state's controversial new criminal justice reform laws. Paul Barbaritano is accused of killing Jennings at an apartment on Brevator Street.

State Senator Jim Tedisco is among the many who've called on state lawmakers to take a second look at the unintended consequences of this new statute.

The law gets rid of pretrial detention and cash bail in most non-violent felony or misdemeanor cases. Cash bail is still required for offenses like drug trafficking and sex crimes involving children. Governor Cuomo believes the new rules will keep thousands of people accused of crimes out of jail until their legal case is resolved.

A spokesperson for the Albany County DA's office says there are two more cases coming up in the next few days. One involves a man charged with assault who allegedly slashed a woman's face open. Another is a man charged with burglary who allegedly raped and strangled a woman this past Summer.

Photo: Getty Images

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