New York Towns Will Soon Receive State-Made Hand Sanitizer

Photograph of a finger pumping sanitizer onto hand

New York State officials will soon be providing towns with hand sanitizer, as the product's price soars on the private market amid coronavirus concerns. Named N-Y-S Clean, it's produced by Corcraft in Great Neck, on Long Island, which employs prisoners within the correctional system. Governor Cuomo says the product actually has an even higher alcohol-percentage than many similar products being sold to consumers, noting it also has a pleasant scent. He warned drug stores and online retailers not to permit price-gouging, adding violators will be prosecuted.

Medical professionals say the best way to protect yourself against the spread of COVID-19 is by regularly washing your hands or using alcohol-based hand sanitizer, while avoiding contact with your eyes, nose and mouth. Senior citizens and people with compromised immune systems are being advised to take precautions, and even avoid large gatherings.

Photo: Getty Images

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