Nathan Littauer Hospital Receives Threatening Phone Calls

Phone call from unknown number late at night. Scam, fraud or phishing with smartphone concept. Prank caller, scammer or stranger. Man answering to incoming call.

Gloversville Police reporting a major disruption, after approximately 60 calls threatening violence against Nathan Littauer Hospital and other health care facilities and businesses in Gloversville and Johnstown have come in. The calls started overnight.

Each call has been a false report and federal and state agencies are working with local cops to identify a suspect. The calls have caused lockdowns and are straining resources.


At 12:18 p.m. this afternoon, a business in the City of Gloversville received a call of a similar nature. At this time, that was the last call received of the nature described in the previous release. Shortly after the call, around 12:36 p.m., a person of interest was located in the area of that business. The person of interest was transported to Gloversville Police Department and further investigation is continuing.

After a thorough investigation, we believe that there were never any credible threats to public safety related to these calls. All of these calls appear to have been made by the same individual. At this time, we believe that there is no further threat to public safety related to this individual or these incidents. All the agencies involved in the investigation appreciate the understanding and support from the public.

Photo: Getty Images

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