Governor Cuomo Calls on Young People to Take The Pandemic Seriously

Governor Cuomo was joined by his daughter Michaela on Thursday during a coronavirus briefing, issuing a call for young people to understand the risks around the disease and to do what's best for public health.

Recently, videos and pictures have surfaced online of young people referring to the Pandemic as their "spring break", gathering on beaches and partying.

The Governor referred to these actions as "unintelligent and reckless."

"Young people can get coronavirus. That's one of the other myths, young people don't get it. Young people do get it and young people can transfer and you can wind up infecting someone, and possibly killing someone, if you're exposed to it."

Introducing his daughter, who was graduating this year and has had her classes moved to online, Cuomo repeated a phrase he has used throughout his children's lives: risk, reward.

"What these people are doing is the risk does not justify the reward. They're putting themselves at risk."

In a Tweet prior to the briefing, Governor Cuomo said that 38% of patients hospitalized with coronavirus are between the ages of 20 and 54.

Photo: News Channel 13

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