Rep Stefanik Says NY Needs More Economic Relief

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New York's 21st Congressional District Congresswoman Elise Stefanik held a conference call on Thursday giving an update on how the historic $2 trillion stimulus package approved in the Senate on Wednesday effects the North Country.

While the Congresswoman will vote in support of the package she believes the state isn't receiving enough.

"We're going to need to deliver more money to New York than is in this package right now because New York is the epicenter of coronavirus."

Stefanik stated that the New York delegation worked to request more funding in the package and noted that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell encouraged language stipulating more aid to New York be included in the final package, but ultimately it wasn't.

"I think New York is going to need more relief at the end of the day dealing with this crisis."

The Congresswoman and her husband made the drive from Schuylerville to Washington D.C. so that she would be there to vote on the stimulus package but the Congresswoman believes remote voting should be permitted amidst the public health crisis.

"Speaker Pelosi is not heeding public health advice and also not listening to some of the younger members who understand that we have technological tools to make sure that we're able to vote."

Stefanik also noted that on a package this significant, every member deserves a vote.

"Every district in every state, whether United State Senator or a US member of the House, your constituents deserve a vote and we have many members in self-quarantine. Those members should be able to cast a vote."

Tourism is a massive industry in Upstate New York and as the number of positive cases in Northern communities grow, counties are putting out advisories saying if you're not from the area to stay away.

"The sooner we get this virus under control and stop the growth of this virus, the sooner later on in the year we'll be able to appreciate our beautiful high peaks region. We're following the guidance of county public health officials, we're also following the guidance of our Adirondack Rangers who are discouraging excess traffic at our high peaks."

The Congresswoman also noted that there are many people who own second homes in the 21st District, and she's urging those homeowners to not engage in any unnecessary travel. However, Stefanik says if they do travel upstate, especially from areas impacted heavily from the virus, they need to self-quarantine for 14 days.

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