Governor Cuomo Says NY Must Keep The Curve Flat, Maintain Social Distancing


Governor Andrew Cuomo says the coronavirus growth curve is flattening, but he cautions that doesn't mean to stop social-distancing. The governor says the hospitalization rate is slowing, but only because of the ban on large gatherings, closing of schools, and work-from-home orders. Furthermore, he claims its impossible to go immediately to "green" in terms of restarting life and the economy, suggesting a "yellow light" might be more appropriate at first.

Cuomo notes in the past outbreaks have occurred in several waves, adding that the healthcare system is already being stretched thin.

Two more Albany county residents have died, bringing the death toll to 11. 379 people have tested positive, 477 under mandatory and 50 people are under precautionary quarantine. Some of the new cases of precautionary quarantine stem from possible exposure to an employee with coronavirus at the Burger King on Loudon Road in Latham.

799 New Yorkers have passed away from the virus in the past 24 hours, bringing the death toll in the state to 7,067.

The New York State Department of Health overnight came out with recommendations for the general public to consider wearing face masks as they perform a level of source control. Albany County Health Commissioner Dr. Whalen explained that when you're pre-symptomatic or have a mild case of the virus the masks protect the people around you.

To find out where your county stands on confirmed cases, a county by county breakdown from the Health Department can be accessed by clicking here.

Photo: Getty Images

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