State Senator Calls on Cuomo for Plan to Restart Upstate Economy

As the coronavirus crisis continues, some states are beginning to enact plans to re-open segments of their economies. In New York, there is debate on whether to start a similar path ahead focusing on areas that have been less affected by the virus.

State Senator George Amedore has written a letter to Governor Cuomo calling for a plan to start the process. He tells WGY News his goal would be a full re-opening of the upstate economy on May 15.

Under Amedore's plan, a phasing-in of opening some businesses would begin on May 1st north of the area serviced by the MTA.

Here's Amedore's letter to the Governor:

Dear Governor Cuomo,

We are facing an unprecedented situation as the State and Nation address the COVID-19


I want to commend your leadership in instituting the NY-PAUSE order, from which we are

already seeing positive indicators that New York is at the plateau of this public health crisis

As we now look to how to slowly re-open the economy in a way that continues to ensure public

health, I urge you to begin a phased-in opening of businesses north of the MTA region beginning on May 1 with the goal of reaching a full re-opening of the economy by the currently planned end of the NYPAUSE order on May 15.

I am confident that if Empire State Development Corporation releases specific, detailed

parameters, mirroring guidelines already issued by the federal Department of Homeland Security on how

businesses can and cannot operate, and with proper safety and social distancing protocols, businesses in

more segments of the economy that have not been deemed essential can safely begin to re-open.

At the same time, by increasing testing in the regions that are undergoing this phased-in re

opening, we can use the two week period through May 15h11 to carefully monitor and evaluate the effect of

re-opening--including any increases in COVID-l9 cases in those regions--so we can safely and

effectively get the economy back up and running throughout the state.

Seeing that many regions of the state have fortunately not seen dramatically large numbers

of COVID-19 cases like in New York City and other downstate regions, this is a measured approach that

would allow more businesses to get up and running sooner while still protecting the public health.

Restarting the economy sooner in the less effected regions will benefit the entire State.

Thank you for your consideration, and I stand as a willing partner to do everything possible to help restart

the economy, while continuing to ensure the health and safety of all New Yorkers.

Photo: Office of George Amedore

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