Albany Mayor Extends Curfew Through Sunday Night

Photo: Albany Police | 5.30.20

Angry Americans are taking to the streets for a fifth straight night over the death of George Floyd and violence is taking hold in Albany Saturday night.

Officers used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd. At least one fire broke out when a tractor trailer was set ablaze.

On Saturday afternoon there was a peaceful and organized walk and protest in Albany to call for justice in the wake of George Floyd killing in Minneapolis.

During the early evening hours however, a crowd formed in the area of the Albany Police south station. Multiple social media video posting show some members of the crowd throwing objects toward police officers gathered outside the station. According to the Times Union, after about an hour, police pushed into the crowd and tear gas was thrown. Police both on foot and on horseback have been seen pushing the crowds back. 

Albany Mayor Sheehan on Sunday issued an extension of her emergency order, resuming at 7pm Sunday.

In other parts of the country, police cars were set aflame in Philadelphia and Los Angeles and demonstrators stormed past security barriers in front of the White House. Some of those cities have imposed curfews for tonight in an attempt to restore order. Many governors have called in the National Guard to help patrol streets tonight.

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