11 Arrested in Albany After Protesters Clash with Police

Photo: Albany Police

A protest in Albany that began Monday afternoon at the corner of Livingston Avenue and Henry Johnson Boulevard continued well into the night.

Around 10pm Monday, Albany police tweeted that protesters “have started throwing items and fireworks at officers at police headquarters.”

Arrests were made after last night's protests in the City of Albany turned violent. Nine people are arrested for charges including rioting. Two others are charged with breaking into and stealing from a Family Dollar store. Many of those arrested had come in from outside the city limits.

Police used tear gas in attempts to disperse the crowd and could be heard telling the crowd that a curfew was now in effect and that it was an unlawful assembly.

Albany Police Chief Hawkins was at the scene for a while Monday afternoon, talking with protesters. He eventually "took a knee" in a gesture of solidarity with the protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

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