Famous Statue in Albany to be Removed

Philip Schuyler Monument in front of Albany City Hall

In a shocking announcement Thursday afternoon, Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan signed an executive order directing the removal of the city's statue honoring Major General Philip Schuyler.

Schuyler, whose history has recently been highlighted by the hit Broadway musical Hamilton, was reportedly the largest owner of enslaved people in Albany during his time.

In a statement, Sheehan said her office has heard from scores of community members asking for the removal of the statue.

"Our Chief Diversity Officer first raised this issue to me last year and we discussed opportunities to engage the community in a conversation about its removal. It has become clear that now is the time to act and confront the unfortunate history of our nation."

The statue in front of Albany City Hall will be given to a museum or other institution for future display with appropriate historical context. An engineering study will take place to determine the structural integrity of the statue.

Photo: Getty Images

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