Governor Cuomo Outlines Plan For Reopening Schools

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Governor Cuomo says the state of New York will rely upon a statewide formula when it comes to reopening schools. That formula is what will determine whether the virus is considered "under control" in a school district. A region must be in Stage Four of its reopening plan and the daily infection rate must be five-percent or lower using a fourteen-day average. The actual determination for schools will be made during the first week of August. However, schools will close if the regional infection rate is above 9% on a seven-day average.

And New York State Ed out with a framework for schools that meet the reopening criteria to create their own plan for reopening this year, which they must then submit to New York State for approval by July 31st. 

Schools will need to plan for in-person, remote and hybrid learning.

Schools will need to perform health checks, create social distancing, instruct students and staff in proper hygiene, and schools will have to require face coverings.

Some of the requirements that the Department of Education is laying out include having schools determine if students have sufficient access to computers and high-speed broadband at their homes. Schools will also be required "to the extent practicable" to provide that equipment and access to students in need. 

State Ed is also signaling some flexibility with the 180 minutes per week "Unit of Study" requirement; as well as in the student/staff ratio in prekindergarten. 

Flexibility is also being granted for screening timetables for prekindergarten and kindergarten students.

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