Upstate Issues Podcast: Teaching Strategies During Covid 19

Many aspects of education are entering a new era. While distance learning has been around for quite a while and many teachers have been using online resources for years, COVID 19 has forced a sea change in almost every classroom.

Dr. Anna Zendell, is Faculty Program Director for the School of Graduate Studies at Excelsior College. Her areas of interest in higher education involve developing innovative teaching strategies and cultivating community for online adult learners. She also teaches on a regular basis. In this two-part podcast interview with Diane Donato, Zendell talks about overcoming the biggest challenges and seizing the opportunities presented by COVID 19 with hybrid teaching methods. She talks about planning for new approaches to reach students, teacher workloads, and about the discomfort some may be feeling as on-line learning often reveals their personal space.

Part One:

Part Two

Photo illustration by Getty Images.

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