Liquor License Suspended at Wolff's Biergarten in Schenectady

Photo: Getty Images

The Wolff's Biergarten in Schenectady had its liquor license suspended for coronavirus related rules that were broken.

The State Liquor Authority says customers were able to order drinks without having to get food on Thursday night, and people were crowding at the bar not social distancing. The SLA also says an employee was seen without wearing a mask.

The owner of Wolff's Biergarten, Matt Baumgartner, released a statement saying he is not disputing the claims. But he was surprised considering one of his most trusted bartenders was working Thursday night.

Baumgartner also says suspending the liquor license implies that Wolff's is flagrantly ignoring the rules, but that's not the case. He says it feels it's unfair to close down the bar for one bartender's error on one night.

The liquor license suspension only applies to Wolff’s Biergarten in Schenectady.

The locations in Albany, Troy and Syracuse remain open.

In July, Baumgartner temporarily closed all four bars because of coronavirus concerns.

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