Local Group Helps Women Who are in Prison or Transitioning Out

The group Sistas Healing Old Wounds (SHOW) is on a mission to help women who are currently incarcerated and those who are transitioning out of prison, in ways that are both personal and practical. In this episode of Upstate Issues, Diane Donato talks with one of SHOW's founders, Roni Minter, about the inspiration behind the group and the work they are trying to do. Minter says when she was behind bars she came to realize that there was a great need for women to help other women heal the wounds that prevent them from moving forward. It's a need for a support system that doesn't stop when the workday ends for most professional counselors. Now a hotline has been established to support women in off hours. SHOW is also providing training sessions for those who work with incarcerated and recently incarcerated women to help teach professionals more about needs of these women. In addition SHOW has started the Dignity Bag initiative to provide some essential care items to women as they are leaving prison.

SHOW Hotline: 518-542-6093

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/groups/889510134792863

Photos credits: above Sistas Healing Old Wounds, below Getty Images

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