Albany Church to Receive Coronavirus Vaccine Kits

Photo: Getty Images

Governor Cuomo announced more community vaccination kits will be distributed across the state, including at a church in Albany.

The Sweet Pilgrim Baptist Church in Albany is one of eight churches in the state where the vaccination kits will be available for New Yorkers who are eligible for the vaccine.

Appointments are available at the church Monday from 10am until 6pm and are scheduled independently by the church.

The statewide initiative is expected to provide the first doses of the vaccine to 3,000 seniors and eligible New Yorkers. The Sweet Pilgrim Baptist Church and the other designated churches will administer the second dose in three weeks.

Governor Cuomo says coronavirus has killed the black and Latino communities at a higher rate than the white community, and that's why New York is making it a priority to ensure the vaccine is distributed fairly across the state.

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