Stupid Criminals: Man Fakes Kidnapping To Get Day Off From Work

In Arizona, police found a 19 year old guy near a water tower, with his hands tied behind his back and a bandanna in his mouth. He told police he had been kidnapped by two men in masks, who knocked him out, drove him around and dumped him by the water tower.

Police investigated, but couldn't find any evidence that he had been kidnapped. Surveillance didn't back up his story, and there were some inconsistencies. Long story short, he made the story up to get out of work at a tire shop for the day.  He was arrested for filing a false report, and then fired.

Across the pond, a guy in the UK turned himself into police this week, because he couldn't stand being in lock down with his roommate anymore.

We aren't sure why he was wanted by police, but he turned himself in, and told them that he would rather go back to prison than spend any more time with the people he was living with. So he was choosing the "peace and quiet of prison" over spending more time with his roommates.

In Tacoma, Washington, two guys broke into a house.... and they could not have picked a worse day to do it. It was the area's snowiest day in 50 years.  

So they broke into the house, and they were still there when police showed up. They tried to run, but instead of chasing them, police just took their time... And followed their footprints in the snow.

They tracked one guy to a church parking lot and found him hiding in a dumpster.

The other guy was hiding in a tree. Oh, and they also had drugs on them, go figure. 

And finally, In Saint Louis, a man and woman stole a van that was running outside a gas station, while the driver popped inside.

There were two things the couple probably didn't realize. One: the van belonged to a funeral home. And two: there was a body in the back.

The police tracked the van down the next day. And yes, the body was still inside.