Say Goodbye to "Capital Region" As We Get Rebranded for Millennials

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

The eight-county area previously known as the Capital Region is the subject of a new branding campaign created by The Center for Economic Growth and Alliance for the Creative Economy called CapNY, aimed at attracting more Millennials and Gen Z transplants from larger cities like NYC and Boston.

It stands for "Capable of Anything" and aims to showcase all the area has to offer, including more affordable housing, great schools and strong job market.

While it may be an appealing option to those already paying high taxes in cities like NYC or Boston, how can CapNY compete with lower taxed, and highly desirable cities that Millennials and Gen Z have been flocking to like Austin, TX and St. Petersburgh, FL?

I like the intent behind the re-branding but I'm old and will probably continue to call it the Capital Region, the same way those older than I am still call it the Capital District, or the even more ancient sounding "Capitaland".

But pay no mind to me. I still go to concerts at the Pepsi Arena. -Kelly