Poll: 68% Say Worst of COVID is Over, Most Comfortable Returning to Normal

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Photo: Getty Images

68 % of New Yorkers think that the worst of the coronavirus pandemic is over while 17 % think the worst is still to come, according to a new Siena College Research Institute poll..

Over 70 % are at least somewhat comfortable having friends over to their home (84%), going to a beach or lakefront (80%), going on vacation in the U.S. (78%) and eating indoors at a restaurant (77%). At the same time, 47% are somewhat or very worried about they or a family member becoming sick with the coronavirus. Among other findings, over the course of the pandemic, 49 % of New Yorkers have gained weight while 38 % say that they have gotten in shape. 61% have felt depressed during the pandemic while 44 % say that they have developed a new interest or hobby.


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