Siena Poll: New Yorkers Support Bail Reform Changes

Judge holding gavel in courtroom

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By 67-14%, voters support recent actions by the Governor and Legislature to amend the 2019 bail law, including strong majorities from every party, region, race, and gender.

However, 38% say the amended bail law will have no effect on the crime rate, compared to 32% who say it will decrease the crime rate and 16% who say it will increase it, according to a new Siena College poll of registered New York State voters. Voters overwhelmingly approve of the state suspending its 16 cents/gallon gas tax through December, 73-16%. They disapprove, 63-24%, of the state contributing $600 million towards a new stadium for the Buffalo Bills. Voters approve the $4.2 billion environmental bond act being on the ballot, 52-24%, legalizing the sale of to-go drinks by bars and restaurants, 50-38%, and moving forward on three New York City area casinos, 46-35%. Governor Kathy Hochul’s favorability rating, 44-34%, is virtually unchanged from 45-35% last month. Her overall job performance rating is negative 36-57%, down from 43-53% last month. On five specific job performance ratings, between 54% and 69% give her a negative rating, including 69% on crime and 63% on economic issues. Crime and economic issues (jobs, inflation, taxes, etc.) were by far the top issues mentioned by voters as the most important to them in deciding which gubernatorial candidate to support in November.


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