Andy Guelcher, President of Mohawk Chevrolet

Andy Guelcher is the President at Mohawk Chevrolet in Ballston Spa, NY. Andy began his career nearly 20 years ago as a sales person in Pennsylvania & slowly worked his way thru the business. He arrived in the Capital Region 8 years ago & has spent the last 3 as President of Mohawk Chevrolet.

Andy set a goal early in his career to be in his position today. However, he did achieve that goal at a pretty interesting time. In his interview with WGY's Doug Goudie, he talks about how just 30 days after opening the dealership in November 2019, General Motors went on strike. About 90 days later, the Covid-19 pandemic began. At first, there was concern, not knowing which direction the automotive industry would go, but it ended up taking a turn in the opposite direction & became the best timing they could have asked for. Like so many other businesses, Andy & his team have also dealt with supply chain issues over the past couple years. Between the parts & microchip shortages, Andy has stayed true to the core values of his business to carry them thru.

Mohawk Chevrolet has a team of just over 100 employees with 100M in annual revenue, a growth of 30% each year since taking over the business. They encourage their employees to get involved with non-profits, some of which they support include Special Olympics, Make A Wish, & Things of My Very Own. Andy says your willingness to get involved in non-profits & the community you serve will make or break your ability to be a pillar in your community.

Andy also talks about the government changes in the automotive industry, how the incarnation of the 1 to 1 relationship when buying & selling a car has changed over the years & how important it is to adapt to each individual customer's needs. To hear his take on those topics, listen to the full interview below.

Connect with Andy Guelcher & Mohawk Chevrolet below:

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