Intel Leak Suspect Was Caught Twice Taking Notes On Classified Material


Photo: Getty Images

Jack Teixeira, the Air National Guardsman accused of leaking classified documents online, was caught taking notes on classified material by his superiors on two separate occasions.

During a pretrial detention hearing, prosecutors revealed that Teixeria was seen putting those notes in his pocket. After asking if he planned to share the notes, Teixieria was told to "no longer take notes in any form on classified intelligence information."

Teixeria ignored the warning and continued digging into the classified documents he had access to as part of his job as an IT specialist. A month after his first reprimand, an Army memo said that Teixeira was "potentially ignoring the cease-and-desist order on deep diving into intelligence information" when he asked "very specific questions" during a briefing. He was told to stop delving into classified materials and focus on his job.

Prosecutors also submitted a third memo detailing how Teixeira was caught accessing the Department of Defense's Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communication System, which is used for sharing confidential information. He was caught viewing intelligence information that was not related to his duties.

Despite getting caught viewing classified material outside the scope of his duties, Teixeira was not punished and continued to have access to classified material.

As a result of the probe into the leaked documents, two of Teixeira's commanders have been suspended from duty, and the Massachusetts Air National Guard's 102nd Intelligence Wing was temporarily stripped of its intelligence mission.

Teixeira is facing charges of unauthorized retention and transmission of national defense information and unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents or materials. He has not entered a plea. If convicted, he faces up to 25 years behind bars.

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