Tom Hoffman Jr., CEO of Hoffman Car Wash

Tom Hoffman Jr. has been involved in the family business nearly his entire life. If you couldn't guess from his last name, that family business includes the Hoffman Car Wash-- one of New York State's most well-known car washes! Tom has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer for 23 years and has been working in the family business for 46 years.

Originally, the family business was a bowling alley owned by his grandfather where his father bowled professionally. That was until lightning struck and burnt the building to the ground in 1965. Luckily, 6 months prior, the Hoffman family built a small self-service car wash on Central Ave, thus they were "thrust into the car wash business" as Tom claims. He still remembers when they were charging as little as $0.25 a wash cycle and looks back fondly on his time working for the company in his youth. Attributing his work ethic to the values instilled in him by his parents, Tom remembers working at the Latham Circle full-service location for the first time as a middle schooler. 

After almost 60 years, the company has continued to grow. Tom says it's because they only hire the best quality people, pay their employees well, and include great benefits that they are at an employment rate of nearly 100%, which is impressive considering the employment shortage many companies are facing right now. Once society started preferring subscription-based services, Hoffman Car Wash adapted unlimited washing subscriptions programs. These unlimited washing programs essentially offer their customer weather insurance since they can wash as often as they want. His father had a green thumb, and the tradition continues as the company has their own greenhouse where they grow their own flowers and plant them themselves to keep their locations looking beautiful! 

Not only that, but Hoffman Car Wash works with hundreds, if not thousands, of local charities to help enrich the community and give back to those in need. There is a Helping Hands link on their website where not-for-profit organizations can apply to be involved with the company. Hoffman's title charity is the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, of which Tom has been working with for 23 years and is the Chapter President of. Another charity they work closely with is the Interfaith Partnership for the Homeless in Albany where his sister sits on the board. Needless to say, Tom's company values community above all else.

It's no wonder these business practices have led to the successful construction of many Hoffman Car Wash locations throughout the state, including their newly added 27th location in Cohoes off of 787. 3 car wash locations are currently under construction in Oneonta, Moreau, and Halfmoon. Safe to say, with nearly 600 current employees, the business is only continuing to grow. Tom notes that a car is usually peoples' second largest investment, so he explains how Hoffman's whole purpose is to give customers peace of mind by keeping that investment "clean, shiny, and well protected". 

Tom Hoffman Jr. is a CEO you should know!

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