The Weirdest Florida Stories We Found In January 2024

Photo: Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, Getty Images

Welcome to the new year! The Sunshine State started 2024 off strong with a slew of wild, wacky, and downright disturbing incidents, from animals stirring up a ruckus to nightmarish travel trips.

One of the trendiest stories to kick off 2024 happened at a Miami mall, where people reported an "alien" on the premises. While authorities said they responded because of an incident involving teenagers, that didn't stop the blitz of social media conspiracy theories.

Another crazy story that got people talking was reports of a Carnival cruise passenger throwing up "bright blue" vomit. The woman claims she and her traveling companions contracted a mysterious illness that left one of them reportedly chucking up a parasite.

That wasn't the end of the wild stories, either. A Florida father who got into a shootout with police after he allegedly wrote a letter insisting his daughter go out with him. Unfortunately, the shocking confession ended in tragedy.

You can read all about that and more below.

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