Amy Roman, Founder & CEO of CEFO Advisors

Amy Roman is the Founder & CEO of CEFO Advisors in Saratoga Springs, NY. CEFO Advisors works with businesses both locally & beyond to help balance finance, strategy & culture to scale and achieve maximum results. CEFO uses the Culture Talk Assessment tool to match client management teams with CEFO staff to ensure strong communication and working partnerships. In some cases, CEFO Advisors will serve as a company's entire back office & accounting department, and sometimes they assist with specific needs.

CEFO Advisors currently supports 20 employees, consisting of CFOs, Controllers, Staff Accountants & Bookkeepers, drawing on the expertise of each employee. They work with businesses who generate anywhere from $1M to $60M in revenue and have up to 100 employees.

After spending 20 years working in New York City, Amy came to the Capital Region & opened CEFO Advisors. She felt this new chapter would allow her to bring the skills she developed in working with a variety of companies to small businesses in the Capital District. Amy’s future plans are to stay based in Saratoga, while expanding to help small businesses scale and reach their full potential.

Listen to the full interview below to learn about some of Amy's previous experience, the unique position of helping businesses through their pain points without taking them on as their own & more that CEFO Advisors does below.

Connect with CEFO Advisors below:

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