Kelly's Blog: “Expectant Mother” is now an offensive term?

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Chuck and I were talking this morning about a story out of Britain, where a transgender man (born female, identifies as male) stopped hormone treatments to have a baby.  The British Medical Association issued a statement this week, urging doctors and others in the medical community to refrain from using the term “expectant mother” in order to avoid offending the transgender community and “celebrate diversity”.


Wait…. what??


Look, I’m all for diversity and celebrating our differences and all that. If someone decides they should have been born a different gender, eh, whatever. But if someone has ovaries and a uterus, and is actively using them for what they are intended to be used for… that makes that person a BIOLOGICAL MOTHER. And if they are awaiting the birth of that child, currently residing in one’s uterus, then they are EXPECTING that child’s arrival. Therefore, the term EXPECTANT MOTHER is a factual statement, not hateful or intolerant.


If they want to be called “Dad” after the baby is born fine, whatever, that’s their family’s business and not mine.  But for the BMA to issue a statement urging against using a scientifically sound, factual statement is ludicrous.

Chuck and Kelly

Chuck and Kelly

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