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Definition of hypocrite (courtesy of Merriam Webster)


1.  1:  a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion

2.  2:  a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings


Nothing I’m about to say hasn’t been said before… but that doesn’t make me understand it any better.


I support free speech 100%.  I even support the rights of those jackasses from the Westboro Baptist Church to spew their ignorance.  I support the rights of the women who marched in Washington DC and across the world with vaginas on their heads. I support anyone who wants to peacefully demonstrate to promote their cause or protest a policy.


The key word here is PEACEFULLY.


I cannot wrap my mind around people who are protesting in the name of love, equal rights and respect who are beating others, slamming them to the ground, setting things on fire, and hurling cinder blocks and rocks through glass windows. Is this a case of “Do what I say and not what I do?” Watching the videos from Inauguration Day showing the violence on the streets of DC, to the flash bombs police had to use to break of the violence on the Berkeley campus made me wonder what the hell I was watching.


If I didn’t see a location on the bottom of the screen, I might have thought I was looking at another city in another part of the world.  Is this what we have become? Is this how we want the rest of the world to see us? Don’t even try to blame this on Trump, because these are NOT Trump supporters behaving this way. They may have started out protesting Trump’s policies, but resorted to behaving in the angry and hateful manner they are protesting against.


I, like many Americans, am horrified at the way people are treating each other. And I am even more discouraged at WHO these people are and what they claim to stand for. I can think of many things they should be called, but perhaps the most appropriate is:  Hypocrite.



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