Chuck's Blog: Schneiderman Resigns In Disgrace

Well, well, the mighty have fallen. Eric Schneiderman is now the FORMER New York State Attorney General, quitting just three hours after a report in The New Yorker in which four women accuse him of physical abuse and a whole bunch of other bad stuff.  Schneiderman, who has portrayed himself as a champion of women following the Harvey Weinstein allegations, is accused of hitting the women and threatening to kill them.   

Schneiderman insists that slapping, spitting and choking the women was just good, consensual adult fun. The women call it assault and at least two of them had to go the the hospital after getting hit by Schneiderman. Oh, and there was other horrible stuff too. He threatened wiretaps and the women's well-connected friends urged them not to go to police because, according to The New Yorker,  "Schneiderman was too valuable a politician for the Democrats to lose."  What a betrayal by people who have wrapped themselves in the #METOO movement. 

Other allegations/revelations in report: Schneiderman supposedly got blind drunk 5 out of 7 days a week, told a girlfriend to refill her Xanax prescription so he could mix the drugs with his booze, was fixated in having a threesome, and lied to the public about a hospital visit the day before President Trump's inauguration. His original story was that he fell while running. That later changed to he fell, totally sober, in the bathroom. The truth? One of his girlfriends says he fell after a night of heavy drinking and was so blasted he didn't realize how heavily he was bleeding until the next morning. 

I won't miss Eric Schneiderman. He was a preening, self-righteous, self-promoter and perhaps the most political Attorney General in recent memory. He has sued the Trump administration at least 130 times already. In some cases he might have been filing the lawsuits because he thought it was the right thing for New York State. In ALL cases, he was most interested in what was best for Eric Schneiderman. 

Sadly I'm never surprised by the arrogance, hypocrisy, entitlement and depravity of our politicians. Good riddance Eric. Get some help. At least you can hang your hat on one major professional accomplishment. You made former Attorney General, prostitute-loving ex-Governor Eliot Spitzer, look like a choirboy by comparison. 

- Chuck 

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