How to Make Yourself More Attractive to the Ladies

What one person finds attractive may not be what another person finds attractive. However, there are a few universal things that are found to be attractive. 

Beards - But only short to medium length beards. 

Chin up - Tilting your head up gives you a more profound jawline.

Slow Smile - Slow & sly = sexy.

Oral Hygiene - Please, take care of your teeth.

Scars - They tell your stories and make you look like a badass.

Open Posture - Sitting relaxed with arms out and legs spread is attractive.

Toned - Get in shape. But you don't need to become a body builder.

Sunglasses - Unless you're inside.

Cologne - Gives a boost in confidence, which is attractive.

Importance - If you carry yourself like you're a big deal, then people will think you are.

Look Proud - Look confident in your own skin, even if you're not.

Walk With Confidence - Slowly. With a purpose. 

Entourage - a good posse can boost your appeal. 

Nice - Actually being a decent human can carry you a long way.

Being Funny - Make them laugh and you've got a shot.

Pick-Up Lines - Don't use them. Especially the cheesy ones.

Guitars - There's a reason musicians get laid.

Dogs - The ultimate pheromone. 

Garlic - Women find the smell "pleasant".

Volunteer - Shows that you care about something other than yourself.]

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Chuck and Kelly

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