Stupid Criminals: Man Breaks Leg Trying to Steal Monkey

A guy in New Zealand broke into a zoo and tried to steal a money for his girlfriend.

He managed to get into the zoo and the pen housing squirrel monkeys. But, he wasn't able to steal one because he got banged up in the process.

After he broke into the pen, he fell an broke his leg, sprained his ankle and lost two teeth. 

He still got away, but police tracked him down. He admitted to the break in and said that he was "High as a kite" when he did it. 

People were enjoying their lunch at a Mexican Restaurant in California, when a woman suddenly fell through the ceiling.  

She had asked to use the restroom, she then climbed up on the toilet and into the crawl space. She said she thought it was the "door to the bus stop". She was not seriously hurt, but was clearly on some sort of drug.


Photo: Getty Images

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