Man Attempts 'Mission Impossible' Style Robbery of Target Store

A guy in Texas decided to rob a Target... "Mission Impossible" style. He cut a hole in the roof of the store, then lowered himself down using a rode, harness and grappling hook. Once he got inside, he just started smashing things and grabbing stuff until the police showed up.

Apparently, he hadn't figured out a stellar way to get out because, they found him hiding behind a shoe rack.


Police pulled over a car in South Carolina and as they approached the car, they saw the driver frantically spraying something in his mouth. He was trying to cover up the smell of alcohol. But, there are a few problems with that. First, the police saw him do it. Second, it was Axe body spray! And, it does not work like a breath spray. In fact, one of the ingredients is alcohol. And third, he had empty corona cans all over his car.

Police in Oklahoma were doing a routine traffic stop when they saw a driver blow past them... missing a tire. They followed the car and pulled it over. Turns out, not only was the drive driving on just a rim... she could barely stand up. They found a full margarita in her cup holder. She said she only had a little of it but, she blew a .21.

They aren't sure how she lost her tire... and she wasn't sure either. So she could face even more charges if it turns out she hit something.

Chuck and Kelly

Chuck and Kelly

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