Happy Hour: Man Meets Heart Donor's Family By Chance at Baseball Game

A woman went to a Cardinals game last week, even though she hates baseball. She was there with her family for Transplant Awareness Day to honor her brother who died in an accident three years ago. He was an organ donor that saved several lives.

While they were there taking a photo, a woman walked up to them and said she recognized their brother. They were wearing shirts with his photo on them and she recognized him because her father had received his heart. He had been in heart failure for five years before getting the heart. They were never told the donors last name, but they did see a picture of him. And they got to meet in person, just by chance, at the baseball game.

They got to listen to their brothers heart, beating strong.


There is an 81-year-old woman in Ireland who grew up in an orphanage. She never knew here parents, but shs started searching for her mom when she was 19. She kept searching for over 60 years and last year she told her story to a radio station. A genealogy expert who was listening offered to help.

It turns out, they found the mom. And, she's still alive at 104. She lives in Scotland and they just met for the very first time.


And finally, it's prom season and many schools name their prom kings and queens. But, in Las Vegas, one student gave up his nomination for a classmate with autism. His name is Shaun and he was nominated to be in the running for prom king but he withdrew his name and replaced it with a classmate named Edgar. And, not only did he get him nominated, he lobbied so hard for him, that Edgar won.

Shaun says he did it because he knows what it's like to be different and that Edgar is always so friendly to everyone that he really deserved it.

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