Stupid Criminals: Guy Duct Tapes Red Gatorade Bottle Over Broken Tail Light

Police pulled over a truck in Colorado last week who had a busted tail light. The guy had a pretty creative solution to it. Instead of replacing the light, he duct taped a bottle of red Gatorade in its place.

He got out of the ticket by promising to replace it with a real light later that day.

Photo: Longmont Police

People either love or hate clowns. And, those who hate them, are very passionate about it. There was a cruise from Norway to England last week and on board was a passenger who was dressed like a clown. And, there was another passenger on board who absolutely hated clowns. So, they got into a fight. Then, other people jumped in and it turned into a giant brawl that ended with two people from England under arrest.

Finally, two drug dealers smuggled a bunch of cocaine into Antwerp, Belgium inside a metal shipping container. But, they got themselves stuck inside. And it just so happened that it was the hottest day on record in Belgium. The temperature hit 104 degrees outside, so you can only imagine how hot it was inside the metal container.

They ended up calling police to get them out. And it took police two hours to find the right shipping container in the port. When they found the drug dealers, police say they wer so hot that they were actually happy to be arrested.

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