Stupid Criminals: Man in Pennywise Costume Arrested for Back Child Support

In Georgia, police got a call about a guy dressed as Pennywise with a red balloon, messing with cars as they drove through an intersection. When they got there, he was still there. Turns out he was also wanted on a warrant for failure to pay child support, so he was arrested.

A bad Santa got himself arrested in California and had to spend the night in jail. Police say the guy was drunk and swiped a Santa costume from a church. Police found him passed out in a car around 7 am the next day. They took him into custody and charged him with burglary, vandalism and stolen property. And... he promptly went back to sleep as soon as he got into a jail cell.

It's hard to make a rational decision when you've been drinking, but a guy in Louisiana was arrested when he showed at a bar on a motorized scooter from Walmart. He admitted to stealing the cart about a half mile away because he had been drinking and it would be smarter for him to drive the cart than a car.

Well, since drinking and driving anything is a crime, he is faced with charges for driving the car and also stealing it.

Finally, this guy proves that the theory about women being crazy is wrong.

He had his girlfriend meet him near a construction company so they could have a serious conversation. They were sitting in her car and she was refusing to answer his questions. So, he decided to end the argument by climbing into a front end loader and dumping a load of dirt onto her car.

She wasn't hurt but the windows were open and her car was filled with dirt too. It caused about $8,000 worth of damage. He has been arrested.

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