'Ghost' and Friends Arrested in India

A group of mischievous young men in India wound up on the wrong side of the law thanks to an ill-advised prank in which one of them dressed up as a ghost to frighten strangers. The weird incident reportedly unfolded in the city of Bengaluru in the wee hours of Monday morning. Numerous drivers and pedestrians passing through the community were taken aback when they were approached by what seemed to be a spirit lurking in the night, but was actually a college student clad in a white robes with his face obscured by his voluminous hair.

One target of the prank was particularly unsettled by his encounter with the 'apparition' and promptly reported it to the authorities. This unfortunate individual apparently initially believed that he had seen a genuine ghost, however his fears were soon squashed when more people began contacting the police about their own brushes with the 'paranormal.' Cops on patrol subsequently became 'ghost hunters' and eventually located the 'spirit' and his six friends who had helped him pull off the prank.

More on this story, including the serious charges the men are now facing and the not-so-shocking reason why they did the prank in the first place, at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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