Stupid Criminals: DUI Suspect Had 8 Bottles of Vodka Hidden in Her Bra

In Florida, you know you’re drunk if you can’t drive straight in the drive through. 

Someone at a McDonald's called police when a woman was weaving back and forth in the drive through lane. When they got there, they found the woman eating in her car, with the engine running. She had glassy eyes and smelled like alcohol. 

So they arrested her and took her to the jail. Then, she started screaming and had to be restrained. 

And here’s what they didn’t expect.  When They were restraining her, they discovered 8 little airplane size bottles of liquor tucked in her bra.  One of the bottles was empty and they think she drank it in the back of the police car. 

Two guys were flying out of Dubai and their hair attracted the attention of authorities. 

When they searched the guys, they found they were smuggling gold, underneath toupees. They didn’t sit right on their heads, so it was ridiculously obvious.  And they found more gold - in their pockets, and in various body parts...

In all, they had nearly 400-thousand dollars worth of gold hidden in or on them, and they are facing smuggling charges.