Doug's Blog: NY TOUCH continued…

“I don’t know about that, in truth, so we’ll have someone get back to you by the end of the day.”

             So said Governor Andrew Cuomo when he was asked Wednesday if there had been an investigation into the Corning Tower shenanigans of a couple of weeks ago. (The tower’s window grid was altered so that four offices’ shades stayed down, changing the intended “NY Tough” slogan to “NY Touch”, a reference to the Gov’s alleged sexual harassment behavior.) Side note: whenever a politician feels the need to add in a phrase like “in truth”, it immediately makes me question the veracity of what he/she is saying.

             Later in the day the Gov’s people did indeed send out a response to the query:

“The NYS Office of General Service has reviewed the issue and has ensured that the proper processes and procedures are in place to prevent future inconsistencies.”

             I bet they did. And I bet the Governor was given a full briefing on that well before the press conference, because there is no way he was told, “we’ll take care of it,” and he didn’t demand to know “how exactly?” Not surprisingly, the official response in no way addressed the question the reporter asked, which was “was there an investigation done to determine WHO did it and was that person punished?” You better believe they know exactly who did it, and while it’s possible that person may not yet have been punished (lest attention be drawn to that person), punishment will be coming? Let me guess, the Gov “doesn’t know about that” either, IN TRUTH.