Stupid Criminals: Man Arrested Wearing Pinocchio "It Wasn't Me" Shirt

In North Dakota, this may be one of the worst possible shirts to be wearing in your mugshot.

A guy was pulled over, and police found a bag of meth in his car. So they have him a ticket and a court date, and let him go. And then he skipped out on his court appearance... So police showed up at his house to arrest him.

And he was wearing a shirt with Pinocchio on it, that said "it wasn't me". 

Police in New Orleans are on the hunt for Chewbacca. Well, actually, he's a 20 year old street performer who plays Chewbacca. So, Chewbacca got into a fight with someone and ended up stabbing him. During the scuffle, Chewbacca's head fell off, so they got a pretty good look at the guy. So they put the photo out, hoping someone would identify him.