DOUG GOUDIE on: The House of Hochul

Governor Hochul Makes Special Announcement With State Senator Brian Benjamin

Photo: Getty Images North America

If you haven’t seen the Governor Kathy Hochul as preacher video yet, you’re in for a “treat”. 

Watch this video (below), and as you do just count the different ways the Governor is both condescending and offensive. (“You’re the smart ones…”) 

WGY Callers to our show pointed out a couple of things as well:

1. The governor who’s fighting against religious exemptions on vaccines says God is on her side, and

2. Would Jesus FIRE people for not doing what he asked? 

Here’s another thing to consider as you watch: imagine if Trump said God was on his side ON ANYTHING, and he asked people at a rally to “be his Apostles”. How do you think that would play? And yet, that’s exactly what Kathy Hochul did. 

If this is what she’s preaching at the House of Hochul, you’ll forgive me if I miss next week’s service.  

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