Man Suing Psychic Who Claimed She Could Remove Witches Curse

Store window of a psychic parlor in the East Village, Manhattan, New York City

Photo: Getty Images

A California man is suing Los Angeles psychic Sophia Adams for fraud, claiming the woman who bills herself as a “Ph.D. Life Coach” and “psychic love coach” did nothing to help him after charging him $5,100. Mauro Restrepo says Adams gave him a tarot reading and told him he had a ‘bad luck’ curse on him from a witch his ex-girlfriend had hired.

Restrepo says he’s had anxiety and sleepless nights and is also suing for intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress; he’s asking for $25k in damages. Reportedly, he paid Adams a $1k deposit, but says she “did not in any way help his marriage.” He's also suing her husband, daughter and landlords who all knew what she was doing, but he claims did nothing to stop her.

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