Nice Shirt, huh?

Joe reluctantly wearing a gift from Zach!Photo: Zach H.

Zach Harris, weekend show producer, gave me this shirt as a welcome back when I returned to WGY in May.  Very thoughtful of him. Obviously I should have posed so you could read the writing on the shirt (photographer's fault). The shirt states, “In My Defense, I Was Left Unsupervised.”  Frankly, I have hesitated to wear it out in public. But I decided to wear it to work and right away Zach noticed it. He likes the shirt. Sure he does, because he is not wearing it. Actually, my wife likes it as well. Perfect for me, she says.

Photographer/Weekend Producer Zach took this picture of me wearing the shirt in the studio. That’s me somewhere in the glare of the sun. Nice job with the photography, Zach. Recently, I mentioned on the air that many people never read their vehicle’s owners manual. Zach admitted he has not read his owners manual. Then questioned me as to whether I have ever read my show’s owners manual?.  Very, very funny! 

Actually, I kind of like this shirt.  The strap around my neck is because I swung my station ID around to my back so as not to hide the writing on the shirt. Some have said I wear my station ID, so I will know who I am. Not true. Well, occasionally I may look down at the ID just to double check. And as far as my show's owners manual, no, I have never read it! Not a surprise to most, I’m sure.

Joe G

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