Stop Airing That Announcement!

Hi, listeners.

I am asking you not to pay any attention to the announcement that runs during my show on Saturday and Sunday mornings from 9 – 10 a.m., that says, "if you dozed off listening to the Joe Gallagher show, you can always go to the Joe Gallagher ON DEMAND podcast page and find his shows so you can doze off again."

Oh, sure, you might think it’s very funny! Ha, ha! But in all fairness to me, I have listened to some of my previous shows ON DEMAND and have never dozed off. Not a chance. Oh, oh, just remembered, there was one time that I did. You see I was exhausted from working that morning from 9 - 10 a.m. I gave it 200% for that hour. While listening back I overwhelmed myself and dozed off.  But that is the only time. I doubt anyone could doze off listening to my weekend morning show.  Oops, oh, yea, just remembered one other time when I dozed off during my ON DEMAND PODCAST. It was after my wife had me vacuum the house, and then I mowed the lawn - all in one day, I repeat: all in one day!  That’s the only two times I have dozed off during a JOE GALLAGHER – ON DEMAND PODCAST.   So I wish they would stop running that announcement during my show. Oh, wait a minute. I just remembered one other…never mind.  Thanks for listening!

You pal,

Joe G

Who could possibly doze off while I am on the air? All right, all right. Let me reword that....ok, maybe a few but not a lot of listeners could possibly doze off while I am on the air. Ok, let me reword that again. Oh, never mind.Photo: Joe G

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