Just a Quick Break!

Taking a break from his 110% effort during his show to relax. The sign behind me is bogus.Photo: Joe G

Dear Listeners:

This is a picture of me sitting in the WGY on air studio. I think it was some prankster who wrote the no sitting on the sofa during your show. Some people picture radio announcers as sitting in a high chair, wait, not an actual high chair, but a studio chair that is high (me at microphone).  But this is also a picture of me sitting on the sofa in the back of the on-air studio (me resting on sofa). It is located in the back of the studio, so the announcers can’t use it while on air. Such a shame. It is so comfy. I was taking a well-deserved break during the news in this photo. 

Yes, after 20 minutes of high level performing I needed a rest.  You see I still had 20 some minutes of high level performing yet to do on air. Luckily, this picture does not show me eventually dozing off. Zach, the producer had to come into my studio to wake me up.  Once I got up from the sofa, stretched, and figured out where I was, I went right back on the air for 20 some minutes of high level performing.

Yours truly,


p.s. I know some of you are questioning the term high level performing, and I’m happy to hear that as my goal is make it seem like it’s not high level performing when it actually is. So I guess I am doing my job pretty well.

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