A Giant Squirrel or Joe's Winter Hat?

Saturday & Sunday mornings from 9 - 10Photo: Joe G

Winter time can be quite cold. People like to stay warm. So does G-Dawg. Oh, please understand that G-Dawg is a people.....or so it seems. So, as Joe told me that while out and about in the cold weather weather wearing his warm hat with ear flaps, an acquaintance referred to him as a Giant Squirrel (I do see a resemblance)! Joe, obviously, was flabbergasted. Another acquaintance asked Joe if he lived in Albany or Alaska? After pondering the question, Joe responded Albany. I think it was a lucky guess on his part. Poor Joe

So much for the Giant Squirrel. Let's discuss a CHANGED MAN. Yes, Joe's producer, Zach, claiming he was a changed man wanted Joe to put in a good word for him with Santa at Breakfast with Santa. Joe did a double take and responded, "Huh, why would I do that as you take advantage of my mild hearing deficiency to make funny comments about me." Joe is so busy bla bla bla...ing that he does not hear Zach's sneaky, but very funny comments until he hears his show podcast later. Unfortunately, Joe was unable to tell Santa about Zach being a changed man do to time restraints. If you have been listening since the holidays, you are aware Zach was bluffing about being a changed man. I'm glad he is not a changed man.


Marge, Joe's so called partner on the air for quite a few years, yea, right I could not get a word in edge-wise

p.s. I'm still not sure if the above photo is a giant squirrel or Joe. Poor Joe. I love it!

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