What's all the fuss about show prep?

I always hear a voice in my headphones from my producer regarding my lack of show prepPhoto: Joe G & Zach H

What's the big fuss about show prep? Certainly, I have worked with show prep. Or maybe I should say, I have done some in the past...a...well....on a few occasions anyway. I find show prep to be over-rated. Many of my very successful radio colleagues who have gone on to work in big stations in big cities are big believers in show prep. But I like to travel light and show prep makes my show satchel seem much heavier. Could lead to back aches and what have you. I wonder if some of my above mentioned colleagues who use show prep have back trouble now?

A listener once asked me if I have any idea as to what I am going to do on my show each weekend. I responded, of course I have an idea. A fib. Truth is I may get an idea at some point in my one hour show, although there have been many shows that were, now don't be shocked, idealess. The problem is one of my manager's asked me the very same question a few weeks ago. I pulled a fast one on him by pretending I was getting a phone call. I then slipped out the back door of the station.

I once remarked that all car owners should read their owner's manual. Then show producer Zach, asked me if I had ever read my show's owner's manual. How embarrassing! To be honest, I have no idea where my show's owner's manual is located. There's no glove compartment in the studio.

Who needs to work in a big city anyway?

The G

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