Eighty-Two-Year-Old Female Powerlifter Beats The Craps Out Of Home Invader

Just over a week ago, a man tried to break into 82-year-old Willie Murphy’s Rochester, New York home

She beat the intruder so hard with a small table that it broke. 

She says while the man was on the floor, dazed, she poured shampoo in his eyes.

Then she jumped on him and grabbed a broom and repeatedly jabbed him as she says “with all my force.” 

Murphy is the 2018 World Natural Powerlifting Federation Upstate New York champ.

She stands 5-feet-talls and weighs in at 105 pounds but she can deadlift 225-pounds. 

She refused to press charges against the man saying “I already sent him to the hospital.”

The man broke through her front door after initially trying to get Murphy to open it by lying about being shot and needing help. 

She said “I was whaling on that man, I said to myself, ‘If it’s my time to go to hell, I’m taking him with me!’” 

In the days that have followed she’s been inundated with interview requests from local, national and international media outlets, including the BBC.   

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