The Bernie-Bros Are Livid With CNN For Favoring Warren During Debate

One moment from last night’s debate has supporters of Bernie Sanders up in arms.

CNN’s Abby Phillip took Elizabeth Warren’s side in the dust-up with Sanders about whether a woman could win the presidency.

The Warren camp planted the story with CNN over the weekend, claiming that Bernie made the comment about a woman not being able to win the presidency during a meeting with Warren in 2018. Sanders vehemently denied saying this, and was asked about it again on the debate stage.

Phillip asked Sanders, "you're saying that you never told Senator Warren that a woman couldn't win the election?"

Sanders responded, "correct."

Phillip then turned to Warren and asked, "Senator Warren, what did you think when Sen. Sanders said a woman couldn't win the election?"

Phillips assertion drew groans and laughter from the audience.Also, #CNNisTrash quickly started trending on Twitter.

Here’s how the some in the media saw it:

- “CNN Debate Moderator Abby Phillip Doesn’t Accept Bernie’s Denial That He Said Women Can’t Win in 2020” from Mediaite

-"CNN Implicitly Took Elizabeth Warren's Side in the Unproven Sexism Accusation Against Bernie Sanders” from Reason

-“At the Iowa debate, Bernie Sander’s Most Vociferous Opponent was CNN” from The Intercept

-Krystal Ball, liberal host with The Hill-TV tweeted the follow:

-Emma Vigeland with the far-left Young Turks:

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