Recovering From The Great Freeze Of 2021: Great Info From Show Sponsors

Below are the discussions we had with folks who I thought some of you might want to hear from as you thaw out and begin repairs from The Great Freeze of 2021.

For water issues related to fountains, ponds, and pools.

Peter Nelson - Nelson Water Gardens & Nursery 281.391.4769 AND Michael Miller The Pool Maintenance Man 713.944.4444

For critters seeking warmth just like humans do, and what to do about it.

Troy Caraway - Caraway Pest Control 832.540.6959

Which trees will likely survive the freeze & which won't.

Louis Flory - Ability Tree Experts 281.441.4179

What plants will likely survive the freeze, what to plant in the future to reduce costs.

Stephanie and Esteph of HLS Landscaping, 281.494.1818

Talking about plumbing leaks, busted pipes, how to open up the water system again.

Alan O'neill - Abacus Plumbing 713.766.3885

How to make a claim, details on taking pictures, when to begin repairs.

Kyle Dean - Dean & Draper Insurance Advisors 713.527.0444